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About Teen Moods

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Teen Moods (“TM”) is an international community of teenagers and young adults dealing with depression and mood-related issues. Born in June of 2002, the Teen Moods’ community is one built on the relationships between members as they communicate with one another for guidance and support through the trying times in life. The administration of TM believes in providing readily available online communication and sharing tools for those who seek them. We strive to have this website available to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Teen Moods is not staffed by counseling or therapy professions or doctors. This website can not (nor can any members or visitors on it) and does not offer any official diagnosis, treatment, or support of any kind of any mental or personality disorders, diseases, disabilities, or related issues. Teen Moods is an electronic bulletin board system/online peer discussion group that serves only as a medium to allow communications between those who wish to discuss such issues. Although great effort is employed to monitor the community for misuse, Teen Moods is not responsible for the information communicated by it's members through the community-driven open forum/bulletin board systems it provides.

How is Teen Moods funded?

Teen Moods is personally funded by the site owner. Teen Moods is not an official organization or charity. At no time ever will Teen Moods ask visitors, members, or staff to pay for use the site or to be a member of the community. Teen Moods also has corporate sponsors as indicated below.

Our Current Sponsors:
Jelsoft Enterprises Limited ................................... vBulletin Software Licensing

How can I help?
Teen Moods always welcomes help from its own membership body or even non-members who are interesting in supporting the cause. Persons who want to contribute are encouraged to become a member of our community by registering in our forum and then making a post regarding their desire to help in the Forum Help section, or sending a private message to one of the administrators.

Peer support
The idea that learning about similar issues others are facing can help you feel less alone, and in tern foster self-motivation and courage to continually seek out ways to deal with your personal issues.
See: co-counseling < http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Co-counselling >

"you tell me your problems and I'll tell you mine"

This web site is open to the public. All content posted to this website can be seen by anyone at any time. Members/visitors/users are not asked to surrender personally identifying information. There is no guarantee of any type of privacy when using this website therefore it is the responsibility of it's members/visitors/users to take proper steps to protect their privacy as they see fit.

We welcome you with open arms, minds, ears, and hearts to TM. We implore you to take a look around our website and community forum (requires registration). If you have any questions about our community we will be glad to answer them, please contact our administrator.
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